Utah Drug Rehab

Women’s drug rehab treatment is committed to combining the experience of our staff with cutting-edge drug treatment methods. Our goal is not just for our clients to remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs, but we also work on depression, anxiety, mental health, or any other issues. In our plans, we provide an environment where clients can safely live and receive treatment.

Another hallmark of treatment programs is transitional programming. The research shows that providing multiple levels care and allowing for successful transitions to lower intensity treatment methods is one of the most important components in achieving long-term sobriety. New Roads allows individuals in treatment centers to adjust the intensity and consistency of their own therapies as they transition from residential treatment into Transition. People can work out their own therapy in the program, and then experience situations from real life with staff or peers. In order to achieve long-term results, it is crucial to place clients in sober apartment living. This will encourage them to go to the authorities if there are any problems, rather than turning to drugs and/or alcohol. Transitional housing provides a more family-like, safe environment than the residential treatment center from which they came.

It is possible to ease back into a normal lifestyle in a supportive and safe environment. Once they are back in the workforce or group housing, their dependence on the drug-free program will decrease. Because transitional clients have a high level of responsibility and accountability they are less likely to relapse. Also, their satisfaction is higher with the treatment program. Because our programs are less expensive than residential treatment, the clients will be able to focus their new lives on sobriety and not worry about debt.